The world travel club

The world travel club membership you will receive when you join the Odin Ѳ Academy or join Odin Ѳ along the road.

The membership brings you all benefits received by the students and members of the Odin Ѳ Academy, and also gives you the possibility to join Odin Ѳ along the road at his daily practices, meditation, yoga and spiritual sharing

JOIN Odin Ѳ On The ROAD for one or more day!

Contact, Information, Activities Schedule Register in order to Join*

In order to Join Odin Ѳ, today or any next day, please do as follows:

Send SMS to Odin Ѳ Russian number. +79183651134

or E-mail:

IN ORDER TO JOIN PLEASE REGISTER BY sending us  your e-mail, telf, name, and days you would like to join Odin Ѳ.

Odin Ѳ will send you an email, or call you, for meet up, information, schedule of the week and meeting point.

Meeting point might vary from Information office close to the port, to a hostel, bus stop, cafe or travel event

Notice that we seldom publish at our website the activities of the day but an article on what we already experienced. Follow up!

* By registering you receive a guest membership @ Odin Ѳ World Travel Club free for 1 week.

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